Benefits of Installing an Aluminum Patio Cover

rrererreWhen you choose a starter program from Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms, we install an aluminum patio cover that can be built upon later. It’s perfect for those that are thinking about adding a sunroom, but don’t want to make the financial commitment right away. Here are three benefits of aluminum patio covers in Pittsburgh, PA.


Patio covers can help you enjoy the extra living space, shade, and shelter that you would get with a sunroom, but at less cost. The cover is quick to install, too, making it a simple and cost-effective addition to your home.

Can Be Built Upon

There is a reason aluminum patio covers are part of our starter package. If you want to upgrade to a sunroom at a later date, it will be very easy to convert the existing structure. And, because the base for the structure was already there, it will cost you less than if you wanted to build a new shade room from scratch.

Makes a Good Car Port

If you don’t want to make your patio cover into a shade room, you can ask us to install it as a new car port. Car ports are great for people who don’t have a garage, or who do not have enough space in their garage. It keeps your car safe from weather conditions, keeps it out of the sun so the interior stays cooler, and greatly reduces the amount of scraping you’ll have to do in the winter.

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