Ten Top Reasons Why a Betterliving Sunroom is Not Just another Room in the House

Gable Style Sunroom by Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of Pittsburgh

  1. You get more glass in a sunroom than in conventional construction.
  1. It takes less time to build a sunroom than it takes for a stick-built room.
  1. Sunroom installation doesn’t disrupt your life or make a mess in your house – most stick built projects require major excavation
  1. Betterliving Sunrooms cost less than conventional construction of the same high quality.
  1. Betterliving Sunrooms will help you finance your project; most builders require you to get your own financing.
  1. Betterliving Sunrooms are fully engineered to meet snow and wind loads; conventional construction requires costly architectural drawings.
  1. Betterliving Sunroom components from Craft-Bilt are covered by a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty; stick built projects may have some individual components that are not covered under any manufacturer’s warranty.
  1. Betterliving uses maintenance free aluminum or vinyl for the sunroom, which won’t rot, require painting, or attract termites like the wood in stick-built sunroom construction.
  1. Betterliving takes care of processing all of the permits and necessary inspections; most builders require the homeowner to go through the complicated permit application process.
  1. Betterliving homeowners say it best: We Wish We Had Done It Sooner.


Call today and see for yourselves why a Betterliving Sunroom is the best way to add outdoor living space to your home!

Our Unique Sunroom Starter Program

dfghkjlA sunroom is the perfect addition to any home. It adds extra space to your home, increases your home’s beauty, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors in any weather. For some people though, a beautiful new sunroom just won’t fit in the budget. That’s why Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of Pittsburgh created our unique Starter Program.

How it Works

We install patio covers in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas that can easily be converted into a sunroom later. Enjoy the shade and shelter of a sunroom without the extra expense, and then, when your budget permits, add screens or glass windows and doors to create a beautiful new space.

What You Get

Each patio cover is made with high quality extruded aluminum with a no-maintenance baked-on enamel finish. We can install it in just a few days without using heavy equipment, which means that your landscaping will remain perfectly intact. Our patio covers are made to be durable and enjoyable on their own, while still able to be easily converted into a screen room or sunroom when the need arises.

How to Get Started

Want to take advantage of our unique sunroom starter program? Contact us at today for details.

Frequently Asked Questions about Awnings and Shades

1. How do I store the awning for winter?

Retract the awning or canopy for winter. If your awning has a hanging valance, remove it by sliding it out from the front bar. Put it in a well ventilated dry area where it won’t be bothered by squirrels or mice. Don’t store it in a plastic bag, as this will trap moisture and could produce mildew.

2. Can I install the awning myself?

We recommend professional installation for your awnings, to achieve the best use and operation.

3. What awning options are available?

  • Our awnings come with a variety of options and the best way to find out about them is to contact Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of Pittsburgh today.
  • Motor options include remote control operation, switch operation, motorized with manual capability for areas with frequent power outages, and automatic sun and wind sensors.
  • Telescoping legs for extra stabilization
  • Vario Valance for additional screening
  • Awning light bar
  • Exterior solar shades

4. How effective are the awnings at providing shade?

Awnings block 97% of the harmful UV rays. They significantly improve the comfort of your patio or deck.

5. What is the effect of awnings on my utility bills?

Awnings, canopies and shades will lower your cooling costs. In addition, the benefit of retractable awnings is that you can allow the winter sun into your home for extra warmth.

6. Can the awnings be used in the rain?

Awnings and canopies are primarily a sun shade, not a rain cover. As such, the fabric is designed to “breathe” so you don’t swelter under your awning. Our Teflon® coating helps repel moisture, but it is not waterproof. Keeping the awning extended during a heavy rain will cause water to collect in the fabric and could cause the awning to collapse.

7. Key Parts of a Betterliving Awning

awning specs


With memories of snow and cold fading, it’s time for homeowners to start thinking about all those exterior home improvements or additions that need done, not only for their own benefit and enjoyment, but also for potential buyers down the road. Repairs, replacements and additions won’t just help home owners enjoy their properties more; they’ll also keep energy costs down as hot weather rolls in.

Shading Solutions With summer fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about your outdoor living needs: those family parties, relaxing times on the patio or deck or sitting by the pool in the hot, summer sun. We all love and enjoy the sun and heat after a long, cold winter but sometimes we just need to enjoy the warmth of a summer day from beneath a shaded area. Improve your home with a Betterliving retractable awning or patio cover while escaping the hot rays of the afternoon sun. Our Betterliving retractable awning is the affordable solution for your HOT deck or patio! You will have instant shade at the touch of a button! And for those days you want to feel the sun on your face as you sit on your patio or deck, your awning will retract into a protective cassette that can be either wall, roof or soffit mounted. Shading your windows from the hot, afternoon sun will also save on your cooling costs throughout the summer.

Block The Sun From The Outside The most efficient way to block the heat of the sun is before it has a chance to heat the window glass. Solar shades can block the sun’s heat while still providing visibility to the outside. They pay for themselves year after year in reduced energy costs and protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays that may cause fading.

Improve Your Outdoor Living Space Are you unhappy with the look and up-keep of your existing deck? What dreams do you have for improving your outdoor living space? Do you dream of an outdoor space to entertain? Or do you just want a space to relax and enjoy your surroundings? Visit our Deck & Rails page for more information on our custom built deck.

Enjoy The Outdoors Year Round The ultimate addition to your home could be a Betterliving Sunroom that offers year-round enjoyment with insulated glass and construction. What better way to extend your home’s living space and add value to your home than with a custom built Betterliving Patio Room or Sunroom? Walls of glass bring gracious living to any home, transforming an empty patio, deck or porch into an inviting retreat nestled in the natural beauty of the outdoors. Imagine relaxing and enjoying your summer in a beautiful, energy efficient addition to your home. Once you’ve escaped your ordinary life with a Betterliving Sunroom or Patio Room you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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