Ten Top Reasons Why a Betterliving Sunroom is Not Just another Room in the House

Gable Style Sunroom by Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of Pittsburgh

  1. You get more glass in a sunroom than in conventional construction.
  1. It takes less time to build a sunroom than it takes for a stick-built room.
  1. Sunroom installation doesn’t disrupt your life or make a mess in your house – most stick built projects require major excavation
  1. Betterliving Sunrooms cost less than conventional construction of the same high quality.
  1. Betterliving Sunrooms will help you finance your project; most builders require you to get your own financing.
  1. Betterliving Sunrooms are fully engineered to meet snow and wind loads; conventional construction requires costly architectural drawings.
  1. Betterliving Sunroom components from Craft-Bilt are covered by a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty; stick built projects may have some individual components that are not covered under any manufacturer’s warranty.
  1. Betterliving uses maintenance free aluminum or vinyl for the sunroom, which won’t rot, require painting, or attract termites like the wood in stick-built sunroom construction.
  1. Betterliving takes care of processing all of the permits and necessary inspections; most builders require the homeowner to go through the complicated permit application process.
  1. Betterliving homeowners say it best: We Wish We Had Done It Sooner.


Call today and see for yourselves why a Betterliving Sunroom is the best way to add outdoor living space to your home!

Our Unique Sunroom Starter Program

dfghkjlA sunroom is the perfect addition to any home. It adds extra space to your home, increases your home’s beauty, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors in any weather. For some people though, a beautiful new sunroom just won’t fit in the budget. That’s why Betterliving Patio & Sunrooms of Pittsburgh created our unique Starter Program.

How it Works

We install patio covers in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas that can easily be converted into a sunroom later. Enjoy the shade and shelter of a sunroom without the extra expense, and then, when your budget permits, add screens or glass windows and doors to create a beautiful new space.

What You Get

Each patio cover is made with high quality extruded aluminum with a no-maintenance baked-on enamel finish. We can install it in just a few days without using heavy equipment, which means that your landscaping will remain perfectly intact. Our patio covers are made to be durable and enjoyable on their own, while still able to be easily converted into a screen room or sunroom when the need arises.

How to Get Started

Want to take advantage of our unique sunroom starter program? Contact us at today for details.

Why Choose The Betterliving “Starter” Program?

Would you really love to enjoy the beauty and benefits of having a sunroom added to your home, but just can’t fit it into the budget right now? Then the Betterliving “Starter” program is suited just for you. A Betterlivng Insulated Patio Cover can be converted to a screen room or glass and screen sunroom when your needs change, or when your budget permits.

By choosing the “starter” program you can enjoy the benefits of shade and shelter with an economical 3″ patio cover now. Our patio cover/”starter” program is custom manufactured and professionally installed in just a couple of days. Your landscaping remains intact because no heavy equipment is used.

Every Betterliving Patio cover features the same fine quality roof system as our sunrooms and will be installed to meet local building codes. All framing is made from strong, durable extruded aluminum and has a durable baked-on enamel finish. This finish provides excellent impact, corrosion and mar resistance and is maintenance-free – the enamel finish never needs painting.

Another great feature of our patio cover/”starter” program is that you have the option of choosing one of three colors, White, Desert Sand or Earthstone to compliment the exterior of your home. Also, each Betterliving patio cover comes with a fully transferable, 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Enjoy added living space filled with fresh air, sunshine and fun underneath an insulated Betterlivng Patio Cover. You can easily entertain family and friends or have some quiet time of your own protected from the blazing sun. And when you’re ready, you can add screens to create a bug-free zone or add glass windows and doors to create a sunroom you can use everyday.

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